• alessio samele

    alessio samele

    Communication specialist e Media Affairs| Appassionato lettore | musica e cultura pop | Femminista e supporter He For She | https://about.me/alessio.samele

  • Ward Sexton

    Ward Sexton

    Lover of Life

  • Michelle Herman

    Michelle Herman

  • Alisapena


  • Amanda Adams

    Amanda Adams

    Eugene, Oregon — Book Lover, Writer, Philanthropist, and Equity Advocate. A 30-somthing “grown up” still in the making…

  • Vaibhav


    Life doesn’t give many chances, live everyday to the fullest | Talent Acquisition Head at Feeding Trends (https://feedingtrends.com/)

  • Therese Moriarty

    Therese Moriarty

    I make pretty charts. 📈 https://eyeful.us

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